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Welcome to the BBFC Media Centre.  Here you can access BBFC Media Releases.

For all enquiries please contact Brittany Maher-Kirk, Senior Communications Manager. 

Tel: 0207 440 0397 E-mail:

For media requests regarding access to our archive files please include a list of the film titles you would like to research, along with their release dates. This helps us find the relevant documents for you. If you are able to provide details about your research, or reasons for your enquiry this is also helpful to us. We will check the availability of each file and contact you to arrange an appointment for you to view the records at the BBFC. We are not able to undertake any research into the contents of files on behalf of the media.

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David Austin named in Business Insider’s UK Top Tech 100


Today, David Austin, CEO of the BBFC, has been named in Business Insider’s UK Top Tech 100 for the BBFC’s work on age-verification under the Digital Economy Act. Every year, Business Insider publishes the UK Tech 100 — a list of the 100 most interesting, innovative, and influential people shaping...

Mel Alcock named as Chair of the BBFC’s Council of Management


Mel Alcock has been named as the Chair of the BBFC’s Council of Management.

Children see pornography as young as seven, new report finds


Research commissioned by the BBFC shows children and teens are stumbling across pornography from an early age Majority of young people's first time watching pornography was accidental, with over 60% of children 11-13 who had seen pornography saying their viewing of pornography is unintentional 83...

BBFC launches free secondary PSHE resource for schools


To mark the new academic year, the BBFC has launched a new, free PSHE resource for secondary school learners. 

Pride 2019


People around the world are celebrating 

BBFC releases Annual Report 2018


BBFC releases Annual Report 2018Over the past year, the BBFC has received a 65% rise in content for distribution onlineVideo on demand (VoD) continues to receive more BBFC age ratings than any other formatRatings given to Cinema have risen 62% since 2008

Regulator advises age-verification providers about use of digital wallets under the voluntary Age-verification Certificate (AVC)


The AVC is a voluntary, non-statutory scheme that has been designed specifically to ensure age-verification providers maintain high standards of privacy and data security.  The AVC will ensure data minimisation, and that there is no handover of personal information used to verify an individual is...

Age-verification for online pornography to begin in July


Age-verification for online pornography to begin in July. Porn sites must check age of users or risk facing sanctions. New approach is the first of its kind in the world, and puts in place the same protections that...

BBFC and Netflix announce new age ratings partnership as parents demand greater consistency across video on demand and online games platforms


Netflix will produce BBFC age ratings for content using a manual tagging system along with an automated rating algorithm, with the BBFC taking up an auditing role. Netflix and the BBFC will work together to make sure Netflix's classification process produces ratings which are consistent with the...

BBFC launches new Classification Guidelines and calls for greater age rating consistency across online channels


The BBFC's public consultation - involving more than 10,000 people – showed that young people and parents want to see an increase in classification guidance, particularly around online content, as well as more consistency across all platforms.