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Industry services

The BBFC provides a wide variety of services to the Film and Home Entertainment industry.

These cover rating content and providing bespoke content advice for works released in the cinema, on DVD, Blu-ray or other physical media and for online distribution through Video On Demand (including sVOD), Electronic Sell Through and digital rental services.

This section contains all the necessary information required for submitting content to the BBFC.

Our workflow process is under constant review with incremental improvements being made all the time.

We are committed to:

  • issuing trusted age ratings and content advice in accordance with our published Guidelines, drawn from large-scale public consultations and   specialist research;
  • being fair and transparent in how we conduct our business;
  • ensuring information relating to our products and services is clear and understandable;
  • providing cost-effective statutory and non-statutory content labelling services for business of all sizes, reinvesting income to deliver further value;
  • promoting and protecting the creative industries through our support to law enforcement agencies and our extensive education programme.

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