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PARKLAND artwork


Type of media Film

Approved Running time 93m 42s

Release date 08/11/2013

Ratings Info Contains bloody surgery scenes and gory injury detail

Genre(s) Drama

Director(s) Peter Landesman

Cast includes Zac Efron, Tom Welling, Paul Giamatti, Jackie Earle Haley, Billy Bob Thornton, James Badge Dale, Jacki Weaver, Ron Livingston, Colin Hanks, Marcia Gay Harden

Cut This work was passed uncut.

  • Suitable only for 15 years and over icon15

Ratings info

Ratings info publication date 29/10/2013

Note: The following text may contain spoilers

PARKLAND is a US drama about the assassination of President Kennedy and the events that occurred over the next few days.

Injury detail

When Kennedy is brought to Parkland Hospital, we see the efforts that were made to save him by hospital staff. There is a significant amount of blood in the hospital room, on Kennedy himself, on people who brought him to the hospital, and on the medical staff. This blood is visible for a prolonged period of time. Furthermore, there is occasional sight of the back of Kennedy's head, as well as sight of a piece of skull and brain material being handled. Later in the film, Lee Harvey Oswald is also operated on, with clear sight of a bloody gunshot wound in his abdomen, although this sequence is much briefer.

Real archive footage of the killings of both men is used, but without any focus on detail. A clip from the famous Zapruder footage, showing Kennedy's head snapping back with some red blood mist behind, is a very well-known image and is not unexpected in this context.

Further issues include infrequent use of strong language ('f**k') as well as some milder bad language, such as 'son of a bitch' and 'shit'.


Koch Film
Classified date(s)
Main language
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93m 42s
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