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THE MONUMENTS MEN [Additional material,Audio description]

THE MONUMENTS MEN <span>[Additional material,Audio description]</span> artwork

THE MONUMENTS MEN [Additional material,Audio description]

Type of media Video

Approved Running time 113m 23s

Release date 30/06/2014

Ratings Info moderate violence, bloody injury detail, scenes of smoking

Genre(s) Drama, War

Director(s) George Clooney

Cast includes Matt Damon, George Clooney, Cate Blanchett, Bill Murray, John Goodman, Jean Dujardin, Hugh Bonneville

Cut This work was passed uncut.

  • Video release suitable for 12 years and over icon12

Ratings info

Ratings info publication date 20/06/2014

Note: The following text may contain spoilers

THE MONUMENTS MEN is a drama about a platoon charged with rescuing works of art during World War II.


The moderate violence occurs mainly in two scenes. The first is when a man shoots at a German soldier inside a church and is then shot himself. Although there is no detail of the bullet impact, there is blood on his clothing and on a letter that he was holding at the time. In a later scene, one of the main characters is shot in the stomach after getting caught in a fire-fight. Again, the impact occurs off-screen, but there is blood on his stomach and on his and his comrade's hands as they try to stop the bleeding. Some blood is also seen on the bodies and clothing of injured soldiers in field hospitals and on those treating them.


Smoking occurs throughout the film, with a non-smoking character encouraged to smoke in one scene.

The film also contains some mild bad language, including uses of the terms 'shit' and 'screw'.


Title Information
Additional material,Audio description
Twentieth Century Fox Home Ent.
Classified date(s)
Main language
Submitted run time
113m 23s
BBFC reference
Audio Descriptive

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Rating information

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