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KINGDOMS OF AMALUR: RECKONING <span>(2012)</span> artwork


Type VideoGame

Release dates 10/02/2012

Ratings Info Contains strong violence

Cut All known versions of this work passed uncut.

  • Suitable only for 15 years and over icon15

Ratings info

Note: The following text may contain spoilers

KINGDOMS OF AMALUR: RECKONING is a 3rd person perspective role-playing game. It is quest-based and is set in a large fantasy realm populated by knights, gnomes, elves and a variety of fantastical creatures and monsters. The game, which comprises 17 main missions and numerous side missions, was classified '15' for strong violence.

The BBFC's Guidelines at '15' state 'Violence may be strong but should not dwell on the infliction of pain or injury. The strongest gory images are unlikely to be acceptable. Strong sadistic or sexualised violence is also unlikely to be acceptable'. During the course of the game the player-controlled character will fight and kill hundreds of opponents, wild animals, fantastical creatures and monsters, and the main missions end in a 'boss' fight. The player-controlled character is initially unarmed but soon acquires a rusty sword. Thereafter, he or she (the gender, appearance and attributes of the player-controlled character can be customised) will come across a variety of weapons (bows and arrows, swords, daggers, staffs and war hammers etc), pieces of armour and other articles that can be added to their inventory and used as and when necessary. Striking or slashing opponents causes blood spurts but there is never any discernible injury detail. Moreover, it is not possible to mutilate fallen opponents or to cause any form of post-mortem damage. It is, however, possible to lop off the limbs of some small plant-like creatures during combat, albeit without any blood. The player-controlled character can also zap opponents with magic powers but friendly characters cannot be harmed. The strongest violence occurs during some of the non-interactive cuts scenes. In one such scene, a female elf is shot in the back with an arrow. The head of the arrow emerges from her abdomen and blood spills from both the exit wound and her mouth. In the climactic final 'boss' fight blood flows from a giant monster's face after it is stabbed with a spear, and in another cut scene a knight is run through with a sword, resulting in a blood spurt as the point of the weapon emerges from his back. Finally, in another cut scene, blood is seen to seep onto the ground from a freshly decapitated head. However, there is never any particular dwelling on the infliction of pain or injury and the game includes no very strong gory images. The violence, all of which takes place within a clearly established fantasy setting, is therefore permissible at '15'.

KINGDOMS OF AMALUR: RECKONING includes no sexual activity, although one of the characters is shown as a buxom and scantily clad female elf. It is possible to dress a female version of the player-controlled character in a skimpy, bikini-like costume. The game also features some moderate language, including uses of 'bitch' and 'whore'.


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