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DETROIT artwork


Type of media Video

Approved Running time 137m 5s

Ratings Info strong threat, violence, language

Genre(s) Drama

Director(s) Kathryn Bigelow

Cast includes John Boyega, Anthony Mackie, Algee Smith, Kaitlyn Dever, John Krasinski, Samira Wiley

Cut This work was passed uncut.

  • Suitable only for 15 years and over icon15

Ratings info

Ratings info publication date 23/10/2017

Note: The following text may contain spoilers

DETROIT is a drama based on real events and set during the 1967 Detroit Riot.


There is strong sustained threat during scenes in which police interrogate and threaten suspects, with much of the threat carrying strong racial overtones. There is sexual threat during a scene in which a male police officer threatens a young woman by briefly placing a rifle barrel under the hem of her skirt, and also in a scene in which he tears her dress open briefly exposing her breasts.

There are scenes of rioting in which petrol bombs are thrown, police and firemen are attacked, and shops are looted and burned.


There are several scenes in which police officers beat and shoot people, some of which include bloody injury detail. Some of the violence has a racial and racist context.


There are several uses of strong language ('motherf**ker', 'f**k') throughout, as well as some milder bad language such as 'whore', 'hos', 'slut', 'piss', 'bastard, 'shit', 'bullshit', 'asses', 'hell', 'Jesus Christ', 'God' and 'goddamit'.

The film also contains some discriminatory terms (for example, 'nigger', 'Negro') and attitudes; however, these are not condoned by the film as a whole.

Marijuana joints are smoked but there are verbal references to the destructive effects of drug misuse. There are also some moderate sex references.


Entertainment One UK
Classified date(s)
Main language
Submitted run time
137m 5s
BBFC reference

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Rating information

The version of this work detailed above is rated by the BBFC under the Video Recordings Act 1984 for use on any Packaged Media format (including DVD, Blu-ray and VHS). This classification may also be used when the same work is made available on Digital Video Platforms (including Video On Demand) provided that the platform is licenced to use BBFC ratings.

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