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ARMY OF TWO (2007)

ARMY OF TWO <span>(2007)</span> artwork

ARMY OF TWO (2007)

Type VideoGame

Ratings Info Contains strong bloody violence and language

Cut All known versions of this work passed uncut.

  • Suitable only for adults icon18

Ratings info

Note: The following text may contain spoilers

'Army Of Two' is a third-person perspective shoot-'em-up game, in which the player is a mercenary soldier. The game contains strong bloody violence. It also contains strong language.

The violence is constant and there is quite a bit of blood, with bodies exploding in a shower of red when they are hit. However, no clear injuries or dismemberments occur. If bodies are shot after they are already dead, there is no additional bloodshed. It is possible to shoot innocents, but the characters cannot inflict violence on each other. When a player-character is injured, large blood splats cover the 'camera'.

A wide variety of weapons are available, including rocket-launchers, sniper rifles and grenades. Tampons are used to mend wounds and the player is encouraged to push buttons until the tampon fills with blood and the player-character's colleague is fixed. 

The language is strong and includes frequent uses of 'f**k' and motherf**ker'. 

No-one younger than 18 may rent or buy an '18' rated game.


Electronic Arts Limited
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