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Customer news

Recent customer service announcements are listed here.  

If you have any questions please contact the Customer Helpline at or on 020 7440 0299.


Website Maintenance: Sunday 10 April


The BBFC and CBBFC websites and the Customer Extranet may be unavailable for up to two hours from 6pm on Sunday 10 April.

Deregulation of Cinema Advertising


I should like to inform you of changes to the regulation of cinema advertising.From 31 March 2016, the BBFC will delegate to the Cinema Advertising Association (CAA) the regulation of all cinema advertisements in the UK.

Reclassification of Films Being Re-Released in UK Cinemas


If we have previously classified a film for theatrical release and you now wish to re-release it theatrically with a BBFC certificate and black card, you may need to submit it to us for a new classification. This document explains what you need to do.

4DX Exhibition of Theatrical Films


The Film Distributors’ Association recently asked us whether we would have to classify a 4DX exhibition of a film separately from, and in addition to, the regular 2D version of the film.Having taken legal advice and carried out a test screening in the 4DX cinema in Milton Keynes, we have concluded...

Additional Service Changes from 1 January 2015


On 1 January 2015 we are adjusting several of our charges that could alter how you choose to schedule and deliver content for viewing. These changes could affect the price you pay for our services when amending or withdrawing your bookings. The following information covers any works submitted, or...

BBFC Tariff Changes effective from 1 January 2015


Having consulted the DCMS, we will be raising our fees for the first time in seven years on 1 January 2015.  We have not increased our fees since 2007. This is equivalent to a 19% reduction in real terms in the cost of BBFC services over that period.

Changes to video exemption criteria to protect children under the VRA


Accordingly, we updated the information on our website to reflect the changes to the exemption criteria. Now that a few weeks have gone by since the law changed, we just wanted to write to you to remind you to take a look at this information, to see if it applies to any of the video works you are...

Extranet System Maintenance


The website and Globus file delivery mechanism will still be accessible for use and the BBFC extranet will be available once again for use on Monday 16th June 2014 at 9am. 

IMAX Classifications


You will need to obtain an age rating for your IMAX work when one or more of the following is applicable:

BBFC to start accepting Video Recordings Act submissions by digital file delivery


Digital file delivery for VRA is part of our drive to make submitting works for BBFC classification faster and easier for the industry.Submissions will continue to be handled by the extranet, but we have chosen Globus Online to allow quick, secure uploads of your content. Globus can be used at no...