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Recent customer service announcements are listed here.  

If you have any questions please contact the Customer Helpline at or on 020 7440 0299.


New Zealand takes steps to bring consistency to age ratings on streaming services


We welcome the steps being taken in New Zealand so that families there will benefit from clear and consistent ratings across platforms.

BBFC Tariff Changes effective from 1 January 2019


We would like to let you know that BBFC fees will increase from 1 January 2019.In line with our commitment to setting fees at RPI -1% based on the September RPI figure from the Office for National Statistics, given that the September 2018 RPI figure was 3.3%, our fees will rise by 2.3% in January...

BBFC web services planned maintenance


To ensure we are providing the best possible service to our customers we will be undertaking scheduled maintenance of work on the following BBFC web servicesBBFC ExtranetGlobus uploadsTheatrical uploadsTo minimise disruption, the work will take place from 00:00 GMT Saturday to 08:00 Monday on the...

BBFC Tariff Changes effective from 1 January 2018


BBFC Tariff Changes effective from 1 January 2018BBFC fees will increase from 1 January 2018.In 2015, having frozen fees for the previous seven years, and following consultation with the DCMS and industry, we introduced an annual fee formula of RPI minus 1% to ensure our long term income was on a...

BBFC introduces discount for pre-school video content


Following discussion with BASE and its members, we are pleased to announce a new 30% discount for children's pre-school content submitted for classification under the Video Recordings Act. The discount comes into effect on Monday 16 October 2017.

BBFC launches Premium PBE for theatrical trailers


We are pleased to announce the launch of our Premium Pre-Booking Express (Premium PBE) service for theatrical trailers. Premium PBE allows you to book a theatrical trailer classification as late as 5pm on the day before you would like us to view it. This new service goes live today.

Globus submissions integrated with BBFC extranet


Dear BBFC Home Entertainment Customer,We are pleased to announce we are improving the way content is submitted to us via Globus. From Monday 10 April, you may upload home entertainment content to Globus directly via the BBFC extranet. The benefits include an easier user experience and access to...

Single Sign-On for BBFC Extranet Users


Single Sign-On (SSO) is a newly improved, streamlined process that allows you to log into multiple services, such as the BBFC extranet and your Globus personal account, with a single set of login details (much like Facebook, Google and Twitter). This is a key step towards our integration of the...

BBFC Tariff Changes effective from 1 January 2017


I am writing to let you know that we will increase our fees from 1 January 2017.The fee increase model we use for our statutory work (theatrical films under the Licensing Act 2003 and videos under the Video Recordings Act 1984) is Retail Price Index (RPI) minus 1%. In September 2016, the Office...

Pre-Booking Express – More Home Ent. Slots Available from Monday 14 November 2016


Enhancements to the Existing PBE ServiceDuring the trial period, we will offer an extra 180 minutes of PBE in each afternoon viewing session, providing more PBE slots for you to book. This expanded service will follow the same process, deadlines and fees as current PBE.