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Where else to go to find out more about classification and media regulation.

Barker, Martin (1984) The Video Nasties: Freedom and Censorship in the Arts, London: Pluto Press.


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Docherty, David, (1990), Public Opinion and Broadcasting Standards: Violence in Television Fiction, London: John Libbey.


Falcon, Richard, (1994), Classified! A Teacher’s Guide to Film and Video Censorship and Classification, British Film Institute.


Ford, M., Holder, S., Phelps, G., (1993) Video in View - Public Attitudes to Video Classification, London, British Board of Film Classification.


French, Karl, ed. (1996) Screen Violence, London: Bloomsbury.


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Gunter, B (1998), The Effects of Video Games on Children: The Myth Unmasked, Sheffield, Sheffield Academic Press.


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Petley, Julian (2011) Film and Video Censorship in Modern Britain, Edinburgh University Press


Phelps, Guy, (1975) Film Censorship, London, Gollanz. (Out of print, but may be available in public libraries)


Robertson, James C. (1985) The British Board of Film Censors. Film Censorship in Britain 1896 - 1950, London, Croom Helm.


Robertson, James C. (1989) The Hidden Cinema. British Film Censorship in Action 1913 - 1972, London, Routledge.


Schlesinger, P: Haynes, R, Boyle, R and McNair, B (1998) Men Viewing Violence, London, BroadcastingStandards Commission


Trevelyan, John, (1973) What the Censor Saw, London, Michael Joseph.


BBFC Annual Reports 1985 - 2007 are available upon request from the BBFC, 3 Soho Square, London, W1D 3HD. Some are available here in pdf format.

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