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Download the new BBFC tablet app for quick access to age ratings and BBFCinsight

The BBFC free app is now available on Android and iOS tablet devices. 

Date 27/03/2017

The app allows users to:

  • find the latest film and DVD/Blu-ray age rating decisions;
  • read BBFCinsight to find out in detail why a film received a particular age rating;
  • access the BBFC Classification Guidelines;
  • build a list of favourite films for quick access and future reference;
  • listen to the BBFC podcasts;

A useful tool for parents, guardians and families, the App includes detailed BBFCinsight and trailers for the latest feature films to help families make informed viewing decisions.

All BBFC age ratings for feature films come with detailed BBFCinsight, designed for adults who want to get a more detailed idea of what issues (such as sex, violence, drugs, bad language, discrimination) they are likely to find within a film, before deciding whether its appropriate for their child. General viewers are also encouraged to check BBFCinsight if they want a clear idea of the sorts of issues a work contains. BBFCinsight is available on the app 10 days before a film opens.

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