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Welcome to the BBFC podcast.

We publish regular themed podcasts offering an insider’s view of our work. Each podcast features guest interviews, discussion of BBFC age rating decisions, challenging titles and classification issues. Tune in to our latest podcast or browse our podcast archive to listen again.

You can send us your feedback and ideas for the podcast here.


BBFC Podcast Episode 79 - Preacher

In this episode of the BBFC podcast we compare the classification of violence at the higher categories of 15 and 18 in both the US fantasy series Preacher (2016-present) and Supernatural (2005-present).

Tags: horror, podcast, preacher

BBFC Podcast Episode 80 - The BFG

In this episode of our podcast we discuss threat at the lower classification level referencing adventure feature films BFG (2016) and Paddington (2014), both classified at PG.


BBFC Podcast Episode 81 - She's Gotta Have It

In this episode we discuss age rating sex references at the 15 category in episodes of She's Gotta Have It (2017-present) and Girls (2012-2017)

Tags: podcast

BBFC Podcast Episode 82 - Boyhood and Lady Bird

 In this episode we discuss two 15 rated coming of age films, Boyhood (2014) and Lady Bird (2017). 


BBFC Podcast Episode 83 - Wonder Woman & Avengers Infinity War

In this episode of the BBFC podcast we discuss the super hero films Wonder Woman & Avengers Infinity War and the factors that led to their 12A classifications. 

Tags: classification, DC, film, marvel, podcast, super-heroes

BBFC Podcast Episode 84 - Bollywood Films

In this episode of the BBFC podcast we talk about Bollywood movies, in particular Baahubali 2 and Sholay.

Tags: Baahubali 2, bollywood, podcast, Sholay

BBFC Podcast Episode 85 - Education Special with Eastside Educational Trust

This episode is the first of our new BBFC Education Specials. Billie is joined by Lucy Brett, BBFC Head of Education and Matt Lane CEO and Artistic Director of Eastside Educational Trust. Eastside is a highly acclaimed arts education charity and one...

Tags: eastside, education

BBFC Podcast Episode 87 - Halloween

In this episode we discuss the classification of John Carpenter's 1978 horror classic, Halloween. As well as comparing the original to the classification of the newest Halloween directed by David Gordon Green, released in 2018. And as a treat (...


BBFC Podcast Episode 88 - A discussion with Victoria and Albert Museum curator Keith Lodwick

In this episode we speak to Keith Lodwick the curator of Censored! Stage, Screen, Society at 50 at the Victoria and Albert Museum, a display which the BBFC contributed to in 2018. The podcast covers some of the iconic films highlighted in the...

Tags: Censored! Stage, exhibition, Screen, Society at 50, victoria and albert museum

BBFC Podcast Episode 89 - Christmas Recommendations

In this episode Billie is joined by Sarah and Ben from the BBFC compliance team to talk through a bumper pack of Christmas favourites, that are great to watch over the festive period. As well as making some special recommendations of their own.

Tags: christmas, die hard, Gremlins, hudsucker proxy