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Welcome to the BBFC podcast.

We publish regular themed podcasts offering an insider’s view of our work. Each podcast features guest interviews, discussion of BBFC age rating decisions, challenging titles and classification issues. Tune in to our latest podcast or browse our podcast archive to listen again.

You can send us your feedback and ideas for the podcast here.


BBFC Podcast Episode 11 - The Guidelines

In this episode of the BBFC podcast James Blatch discusses recent film news and explains how listeners can get involved in the Review of the BBFC Classification Guildeines.Please note the online survey mentioned in the podcast has now closed.

Tags: bbfc, Guidelines Review, podcast

BBFC Podcast Episode 12 - 100 years of Bollywood & rating 'real life'

We also answer some of our listeners' questions. You can submit more of these by emailing podcast@bbfc.co.uk. 

Tags: bbfc, bollywood, classification, documentary, history. film, podcast, reality

BBFC Podcast Episode 13 - From The Archive...

In this episode of the BBFC podcast James Blatch interviews Senior Archivist Jen Evans, about the BBFC archive of film files.We also introduce the new BBFC President, Patrick Swaffer and discuss the BBFC Annual Report 2012.


BBFC Podcast Episode 14 - Unusual Age Rating Issues

James also interviews David Cooke the director of the BBFC regarding videos that are exempt from the Video Recordings Act.

Tags: bbfc, classification, exempt, exempttion, film, horse falls, podcast, smoking

BBFC Podcast Episode 15 - Protecting children

Focussing on protecting children, this episode looks at recent research carried out by the IndustryTrust and the BBFC into age inappropriate piracy and how the new CBBFC website aims to help children learn about age ratings. 

Tags: bbfc, cbbfc, children, education, film, online, parents, piracy, podcast

BBFC Podcast Episode 16 - Behind The Scenes

James Blatch and BBFC Chief Operating Officer, Dave Barrett, discuss how the BBFC works with the film industry and James interviews Chief Executive of the Cinema Exhibitors' Association (CEA), Phil Clapp.

Tags: bbfc, cea, cinema, film, industry

BBFC Podcast Episode 17 - Classifying Anime

In our final podcast of 2013, we discuss classifying anime and interview BBFC Director David Cooke about key film classification decisions from 2013.

Tags: 15, anime, bbfc, classification

BBFC Podcast Episode 18 - The Guidelines 2014

In this episode of the BBFC podcast, we interview BBFC Assistant Director, David Austin, about the new BBFC Classification Guidelines that come into force on 24 February and find out what the public told us during the Guidelines consultation carried...

Tags: bbfc, classification, consultation, guidelines, public, review

BBFC Podcast Episode 19 - Classifying content on mobile phones

On 2 September 2013 the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) took over from the Independent Mobile Classification Board (IMCB) in providing the independent classification framework that underpins the Mobile Operators' code of practice,...

Tags: bbfc, classification, mobile, podcast

BBFC Podcast Episode 20 - Classifying self-harm and suicide

In this episode of the BBFC podcast we discuss how the BBFC approaches classifying self-harm and suicide. We speak to the Samaritans about their work to equip the media and the BBFC, with guidance about handling these issues on film and on TV and...

Tags: age, bbfc, classification, harm, podcast, rating