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UltraViolet adopts BBFC age ratings for cloud-based movie customers

The digital copies of films added to users’ UltraViolet collections will now carry BBFC age ratings. 

Date 12/09/2013

The digital copies of films added to users’ UltraViolet collections will now carry BBFC age ratings. UltraViolet is a free, cloud-based digital rights locker that gives flexibility to how and where customers watch films and TV shows they purchase. BBFC age ratings will be displayed against film content stored in customer lockers and on the UltraViolet parental control functions, allowing parents to password protect content rated higher than a particular BBFC age rating.

UltraViolet allows customers buying a film from a participating retailer to add it to their UltraViolet collection, giving them the option to stream their film over the internet, or also download it for offline viewing, on a variety of connected devices.

In recent research, 85% said they consider it important to have consistent BBFC classifications for video-on-demand content, rising to 90% among parents of children under 16. (Research carried out by Bernice Hardie, 2011)

David Cooke, Director BBFC said: “The flexibility of UltraViolet makes it even more important for users to be able to make informed decisions about what they stream or download, particularly if they have children in their care that might be using the service.”

Online was an area where the BBFC saw the greatest changes in 2012.  The number of works submitted to the BBFC for online only classifications, which are not required by law, rose by 40% in 2012, while to date in 2013 online only classifications are up 135% on the same period in 2012*.”

The BBFC’s service for streamed and downloaded content was launched in collaboration with the home entertainment industry in 2008. The service provides trusted age ratings, symbols and BBFCinsight to set-top box, video-on-demand and other online content providers.

All films submitted to the BBFC for DVD and Blu-ray release are automatically given an age rating for use on digital platforms, making it easier for the home entertainment industry to provide consistent age ratings for their customers. Online only content including bonus extras can be submitted to the BBFC for a digital only rating under the BBFC’s Watch & Rate service.

* As of 01/09/2013 BBFC online only classifications are up 135% on the same period in 2012.


For more information contact Catherine Anderson canderson@bbfc.co.uk 0207 440 3285 (out of hours: 07946 423719).

Notes to editors

About the BBFC
The BBFC is an independent, private, not-for-profit company which classifies films, video on all physical formats (DVD and Blu-ray Disc for example) and certain video games, advertisements and trailers.  The BBFC operates transparent, well-understood and trusted co-regulatory and self-regulatory classification regimes, such as its digital video service, based on years of expertise and published Guidelines which reflect public opinion and the risk of harm; and is accountable to Parliament.


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