What is BBFCinsight?

The BBFC publishes detailed information about the content of every film that we rate, which we call BBFCinsight. BBFCinsight is aimed particularly at parents. It offers a summary of how and why a film was rated at any given category.




What is BBFCinsight?

BBFCinsight is a short description of the issues found in a film, video or DVD work. We also publish a longer, expanded version of BBFCinsight on this website and the BBFC app.

BBFCinsight will tell you what certificate a film was given and what sort of audience we believe the work is suitable for.


Do all works given an age rating have BBFCinsight?

Yes. BBFCinsight for films and video games classified after 2007 includes longer, more detailed information for parents highlighting the key classification issues.

Where can I find BBFCinsight?

BBFCinsight is displayed on this website. Search for the film, DVD or video game you want to read about or browse our database of titles. You may also find short versions of BBFCinsight on film posters, listings and on DVD packaging.

Who is BBFCinsight for?

BBFCinsight, especially the longer version, is designed for adults who want to get a more detailed idea of what issues (such as sex, violence, drugs, bad language, discrimination) they are likely to find within a film or video before they let a child see it. General viewers are encouraged to check BBFCinsight if they want a clear idea of the sorts of issues a work contains.

How does BBFCinsight work?

BBFCinsight highlights the key issues in a film then expands on this giving examples of the sorts of things you will see or hear. These may include, for example, violence, bad language, and sex references.

BBFCinsight also notes any other issues that might be important for parents, or those wishing to take younger viewers to see a film – for example themes of divorce or bereavement or use of discriminatory language or behaviour.

Will reading the BBFCinsight ruin the film?

As a general rule we avoid giving away major plot points unless they are the key classification issues in a work. However, some BBFCinsight may contain plot spoilers, and we warn you of this.

Occasionally the longer BBFCinsight describes full sequences in a film. For example, it might describe a specific fight scene to give you a flavour of the sort of violence in a film and how strong it looks and feels.

What if there is no BBFCinsight for a film listed on this site?

Some films were rated before detailed information about why a rating was given was published for consumers. We realise that parents and carers might be interested in knowing a little more about some of these films, before deciding if they are suitable for their children.

So if you can’t find information on a specific family/children’s film (passed at U, PG or 12A/12), please feel free to contact us here and we will try to provide it for you.

When is BBFCinsight available for a film?

We publish BBFCinsight the moment a film or video is classified. However, the longer version is not available until 10 days before the film opens.

Sometimes we rate films many weeks, or even months before they are due to open, which explains why not all films listed here will have a link to the longer BBFCinsight yet.