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OBSESSED artwork


Type of media Film

Approved Running time 108m 15s

Release date 29/05/2009

BBFCInsight Contains moderate violence, language and sexual harassment theme

Genre(s) Drama, Thriller

Director(s) Steve Shill

Cast includes Idris Elba, Beyonce Knowles, Ali Larter, Jerry O'Connell, Bonnie Perlman, Christine Lahti

Cut This work was passed uncut.

BBFCinsight publication date 19/05/2009

Note: The following text may contain spoilers

OBSESSED is a thriller about a temp who becomes attracted to her married boss. When he spurns her, her affection becomes something much more sinister.

The film was classified '12A' for moderate violence, language and a sexual harassment theme. At '12A', the BBFC's Guidelines state that 'violence must not dwell on detail. There should be no emphasis on injuries or blood. Sexual violence may only be implied or briefly and discreetly indicated'. In OBSESSED, the violence mostly takes place during a scene in which female characters have a fight, with various punches thrown as well as kicks and a headbutt. A plank of wood is also used during the fight. The film is shot in a manner in which much of the violence is obscured, without clear or lingering depiction of said violence. There is brief sight of blood on the faces of characters but this is not dwelt upon. With regard to the sexual harassment, we see a female character try to seduce a man in a toilet cubicle despite his protests. There is also a scene in which a drugged character is taken advantage of by a woman. Neither of these scenes contain any nudity or clear visual detail, although the manner of the harassment is quite clear to the audience.

The film also contains infrequent moderate language - namely two uses of "bitch", one of which is directed aggressively during a fight. Other language includes instances of "asshole", "bastard", "Jesus" and "bullshit".


Columbia Pictures Corporation Ltd.
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108m 15s
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