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Welcome to the BBFC podcast.

We produce regular themed podcasts offering an insider’s view of our work. Each podcast features guest interviews, discussion of recent decisions, challenging works and classification issues. Tune in to our latest podcast or listen again to our archive below.

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BBFC Podcast Episode 69 - Jump moments

Hear BBFC Head of Education Lucy Brett talk about age rating films containing jump moments, including The Babadook (15), The Woman In Black (12A) and Goosebumps (PG). You can read more about age rating The Woman In Black (12A) in our case study.

Tags: podcast

BBFC Podcast Episode 70 - Game of Thrones

In this episode we discuss age rating episodes of the TV and DVD/Blu-ray series Game of Thrones, focusing on scenes of violence in three different episodes.

Tags: gameofthrones, podcast

BBFC Podcast Episode 71 - Doctor Who

In this episode we discuss age rating Doctor Who and in particular why some episodes are rated PG while others are more suitable at the 12 rating.

Tags: doctor, podcast, who

BBFC Podcast Episode 72: To Kill A Mockingbird

In this episode we discuss classifying films that contain parenting, childhood and responsibility themes, focusing on To Kill A Mockingbird (1962) (PG) and Wild Bill (2012) (15).

Tags: education, podcast

BBFC Podcast Episode 73: Mrs. Doubtfire

Our Head of Education, Lucy Brett, explains the not straight forward classification history of Mrs. Doubtfire, a comedy based on the book Madame Doubtfire by Anne Fine, and starring Robin Williams as Mrs. Doubtfire.

Tags: podcast

BBFC Podcast Episode 74 - We Need To Talk About Kevin

In this episode we discuss classifying difficult themes in films, in particular the theme of school shootings, as explored in the film We Need To Talk About Kevin (2011).

Tags: podcast